Frequently Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

Absolutely, we can provide custom lens treatments including UV protection, anti-reflective coating, polarizing, and more according to your needs.

We place a high priority on sustainability and can offer options such as biodegradable and recycle materials. 

Certainly, we can print your logo on the lenses or frames and customize the packaging to match your brand
The timeline from order to delivery varies based on the specifics and scale of the order, typically it takes 4-6 weeks for plasitc, metal style will be more time.
We strive to accommodate your needs, though the feasibility will depend on the production situation and the scale of the order.
Absolutely, a variety of colors for both frames and lenses are offered. You are also welcome to provide color samples.
Definitely, our design team can assist in creating frames in various special shapes and designs. Welcome customers to provide their own designs, and we'll do our utmost to bring them to life
Yes, our products are made to meet international standards. If specific certifications are needed, please inform us in advance.
For large-scale orders, we indeed have relevant discount policies. Please contact our sales team for specific details.
Absolutely, we offer custom packaging services and can design it according to your brand's aesthetic.